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Learning By Doing

What am I going to be ? That, s the first question crossed in the students,  mind when the class teacher told them that students of grade 2 are going to go to Kidzania. Finally, on February 25th ,2012 ,they went to Kidzania. In Kidzania ,the students are divided into small groups of ten led by one teacher.

The teachers directed their group because there are than 100 kinds of profession there.The student were amazed finding there are so plenty kinds of profession they can be.


They were equipped with uniform ,scenario,and technology to facilitate them to have role play and activities like in the real job. They were so excited playing their role as a professional worker. They seemed very serious listening to the instructor explanation and direction before doing their job.

All student did their work responsibly. They learned that it’s the price they have to pay if they wanted to get salary. If they could finish their work well, they would earn some money.Weldone !!!

Most students were very enthuasiasm to save the money they earned. They realize now that may not spend much money because they have found that their parents work hard to earn for them.

Unfortunately, students couldn’t spend much time in Kidzania. They should have finished before lunch. Their face looked still very eager to keep doing other profession. Now, all you can do is study and do your best for your future to make your dream come true!!!